ATM robbery 2010: where’s the money?

ST. LOUIS, MO. — People still believe the ATM Solutions robbery was one of the largest in St. Louis. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the 2010 ATM Solutions theft that took place on August 3, 2010 was charged $6.6 million.

The team

Most robbery movies feature a crowd of people trying to commit a crime. This real case was no different.

The idea for the hit came from John Wesley Jones and Myron Kimble. Then you need someone to go in and collect the money. The robbers were Ryechine Money, “Lil” Larry Newman, Aaron Hassan Johnsonand John Wesley Jones.

Thatinside jobThe theory calls for an ex-employee allegedly involved in the robbery. You could work as a source for the FBI in the future.

Not pictured: Ryechine Money, Eddie and Robert Oliphant, Jacobi Oliphant, Marrion Dotson, Sam Rahamn, Hussein “Vinny” Odeh and Sherry Ann Young

The stolen money had to be hidden. In this case it was James Wright, his sister Latunya Wright, brothers Eddie and Robert Oliphant, their nephew Jacobi Oliphant and Annkeisha Welch.

Marriage Dotsonwas one of those who plotted to steal the money after discovering where it was buried.

Sufian “Sam” Rahamn and Hussein “Vinny” OdehThey may have been unwitting accomplices to the crime.


On Aug 2, 2010 At approximately 6:05 a.m., a Pontiac Grand Prix pulled up in front of ATM Solutions’ headquarters in St. Louis.

Four masked men got out of the vehicle and overpowered two guards from an ATM service company. According to the St. Louis Police Department, they used duct tape to tie up the first guard.

The robbers waited for a second guard to enter the vault. They were able to incapacitate him and exit the building with $6.6 million in one of the company’s armored vans. The money was put into several sacks.

They drove the vehicle Wright’s house on Evens Avenue in St. Louis, unloaded it, and then dropped it off at another location.


The following day, St. Louis police and the FBI surrounded a house in the4000 page block, where they believed other suspects were holed up. The FBI eventually stormed into the home and, after a days-long standoff, released tear gas inside.

Nobody seemed to be at home. Officers spent the next hour or more emptying the house.

Rahman was the owner of Heavy Hitters, the custom car company he claims unknowingly worked on the car used in the crime.

Hussein “Vinny” Odeh, a Rahman employee, loaned the black Grand Prix to John Wesley Jones while his Dodge Charger was in the shop – and had been working on the brakes and tinted the windows.

“He did it from a good heart,” Rahman says in an interview with St Louis Magazine. “Why would I give a registered car to an armed robbery?”

Rahman explained that this is when he panicked. He said Latunya came a few hours later and asked, “Are you still ready to sell your store?” She returned an hour later with a holdall filled with what was said to be $500,000. He took the money.

Play checkers, not chess

The scheme quickly began to unravel. When the FBI got inside Heavy Hitters, they wanted to know how Rahman was involved in the robbery.

At this point, Rahman fled to Milwaukee, where he lived for a decade. He later ended up in his native country of Jordan, near Israel and Iraq.

Latunya Wright and another woman were seen inside a Walmart checking out bags of enormous sums held together by paper money strings. A Walmart employee reported the woman.

On August 4, 2010, two days after the fact, Jonescrashed his Dodge Chargerin the 4000 block of the page. When he was arrested, officers found a gun and nearly $1.4 million in cash in the trunk of his car.

Two teenagers with ties to one of the suspects in the ATM robbery werekidnappedby Myron Kimble, Marrion Dotson and Larry Romel Newman. All three were laterarrested by the police.

The FBI reports that he has been arrestedJames Wright, 32, of St. Louis, on a warrant for his arrest in connection with the ATM Solutions robbery. Prosecutors in the United States have accused him of smuggling stolen items across state lines.

On November 15, Jones escaped from the Lincoln County, Missouri prison. Two days later, he was discovered in an attic in East St. Louis.

Latunya Wright and Annkesha Welch were arrested in October. They were accused of transporting stolen goods from St. Louis to Atlanta.


Jacobi Oliphant was sentenced to 15 months in prison for his role in the ATM Solutions cover-up.

Eddie Oliphantof St. Louis County, and Robert Oliphant of Buffalo, Missouri, were both sentenced to three years in prison for their roles in the 2010 ATM Solutions robbery.

Annkesha Welch was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In August 2010, she helped steal an ATM Solutions vehicle, hiding and transporting stolen money.

In connection with the ATM Solution Heist, Marrion Dotson was found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Myron Kimble was sentenced to 26 years and 6 months in prison

Aaron Johnson was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was one of the ATM robbers.

John Wesley Jones received one 32 years in prison punishment for his role in the theft of ATM Solutions. Jones was not only the first thief, but also the mastermind behind the theft.

Ryechine A. Geld was sentenced to19 yearsfrom judge to prison. He was one of the original members of the gang.

Larry Newman was sentenced to it25 years in prisonfor his role in the kidnapping and subsequent theft of the money.

Susan “Sam” Rahman, who is currently in the Middle East, has not yet been sentenced.

Hussein “Vinny” Odeh was convicted six years in prison After admitting he had delivered a car used in the robbery and hiding some of the cash.

In St. Louis District Court, Sherry Youngadmitted guiltFelony and misdemeanor charges for aiding and abetting Jones’ escape.

So where has the money gone?

According to FBI Special Agent Lyonel Myrthil, most of the money appears to have been lost or stolen.

In a court document, Myrthil said that on August 3, police searched her home on the 4000 block of Page Avenue and Jones’ car. They found a bag containing an unspecified amount of money.

Myrthil said Latunya Wright gave her brother $100,000, which he hid with a friend and later took with the help of the friend’s brother.

According to the document, a witness told the FBI that James and Latunya Wright had an argument in Atlanta on Aug. 24 over his share. Latunya paid James $20,000 at the time, but James demanded $50,000 and threatened her if she didn’t provide it.

In the affidavit, another witness said James Wright admitted to being paid to move money. He “would feel like smothering Latunya” because she didn’t pay him the full $50,000. It also claims some of the money is “sitting on someone’s lawn in Texas.”

The group grew over time to include friends and relatives of existing members. Eventually, those involved began to shift the money.

A large quantity was sent to a camp in Bellefontaine Neighborhoods. Latunya Wright asked one of her two uncles, Robert Oliphant, to go to a warehouse in Bellefontaine and get some cash for her. She began to wonder if Robert had stolen the money afterwards. However, she was unable to tell the authorities.

Police found the storage container in North County, but their bolt cutters wouldn’t cut through the padlock, so they had to contact the Riverview Fire Department. Back inside, they found the rear hatch window shattered and three sacks of cash (one huge, two tiny) left over.

As for Rahman’s money, he somehow lost it between Milwaukee and Jordan.

“I sold the store for half a million and only made $120,000. And some of that money was still in Milwaukee, and I still owe bills — it was a lost, lost situation,” Rahman tells St. Louis Magazine.

Where are you now?

In 2021 Latunya Wrightwas recordedon surveillance footage pointing a gun at a customer in the store she owned.

After Wright finished her time in federal prison, she seemed to have forgotten her past in St. Louis. When she got to Texas, she startedMZBIZ tax services.

On March 25, she attacked a woman at her place of work.

Everyone else seemed either still locked up somewhere or purposely avoiding the public eye.

Rahman is still in the Middle East as of 2019. ATM robbery 2010: where’s the money?

Sarah Y. Kim

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