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Written on January 7, 2021 at 9:35 pm, by Eric Cressey

Immediately’s visitor publish comes from Cressey Sports activities Efficiency – Massachusetts coach Drew Cobin.

Cobin HS

Fingers Assisted decrease physique coaching is nothing new. To my data, the Hatfield Squat was the primary popularized train of this nature within the sports activities efficiency world. The Hatfield Squat is a Security Squat Bar Squat along with your palms aiding you by holding onto the squat rack. By holding onto the rack, we might enhance stability as a result of as a substitute of getting simply two factors of stability, there at the moment are 4 factors of stability: two ft & two palms (so long as the ground and rack are secure).

This idea results in an fascinating query to contemplate. Since energy and stability go hand and hand, can we use elevated stability to extend loading potential?

Mike Boyle popularized the thought of doing unilateral decrease coaching for sport specificity and decreased backbone load. When doing unilateral coaching, we often will work to lower stability over time as a way of development in order that one leg is working more durable. A pattern development can be going from a Squat to a Break up Squat, after which to a Single Leg Squat. What’s fascinating to me is that stability – fairly than pressure manufacturing capabilities – typically turns into the limiting issue when performing a Single Leg Squat, which leads to limiting the exterior load. As talked about earlier than, stability and energy go hand-in-hand, so typically, when you can enhance single leg energy by way of elevated load, you’ll in flip enhance single leg stability. The instance right here can be to do a single leg squat with hand help from a rack to extend factors of stability, thereby rising exterior loading capabilities, as proven under:

Utilizing hand help appropriately in a coaching program could be nice for unilateral energy and stability. So, when is it applicable to make use of help in a program? And what are some examples of workouts that make the most of this idea?

It’s essential for energy and conditioning coaches to grasp that the majority sports activities are performed one leg. Often, we see one leg on the bottom whereas the opposite prepares to hit the bottom, or we’d see ft in numerous positions, serving the aim of manufacturing forces in sure instructions. What we by no means actually see, nonetheless, is an athlete utilizing their palms for stability by holding an immovable object like a squat rack, though correct higher extremity motion can assist in stability and motion effectivity. As such, it’s essential to see utilizing hand help for what it’s: a coaching instrument, used to extend stability and cargo, to get stronger and extra secure to supply extra pressure in the best path with out help.

How, then, can we use it? One in every of my favourite methods to make use of that is by performing what I prefer to name an Eccentric Overload. That is once you use extra load on the lengthening section of a resistance train than the shortening section. An instance can be utilizing a heavier kettlebell than you possibly can deal with on an unassisted single leg squat (you can too use a dumbbell or security squat bar). Right here you’ll slowly decrease within the single leg squat with out help, then when you attain the underside of your chosen vary of movement, use the free hand for help from the rack. This works properly as a result of the toughest a part of an train is the reversal of motion, and through the use of help right here, we’re in a position to practice with a supramaximal load on the eccentric section of the one leg squat. We’re additionally in a position to get extra braking forces if we wish to, which come within the type of eccentric/isometric contractions in sports activities. After the downward section on this train, we will have the athlete hit the brakes on the joint place that we wish to work on for making use of braking pressure previous to utilizing hand help for reversal of movement.

Utilizing hand help has no limits and can be utilized exterior of simply energy actions. We will additionally intelligently use it for plyometrics as properly (as soon as once more to extend stability), and likewise overspeed workouts to enhance conduction pace. You should use band help on jumps and sprints, or hand help on single leg hops. All these strategies can work nice for altering physique positions, in addition to floor contact occasions, and due to this fact their switch to sport.

To recap, utilizing hand help is one method to change to calls for of a given train. As coaches, hand help is one other instrument within the toolbox, nevertheless it’s not the be-all, end-all. Fingers help will enhance load tolerance by way of elevated stability. Manipulation of load and stability all through an athlete’s coaching program is vital to this system’s success. Going by intervals of elevated and decreased stability, load, and pace are key components to an athletic improvement and rehabilitation packages.

Right here’s a video to symbolize a programming development going from assisted to unassisted and difficult stability/reactivity in plyometrics:

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