Arbeiter says he lied about experience to get a job at the Cheesecake Factory

An employee on TikTok shares how far he went to land a job — including lying about his work experience.

There’s something to be said for the idea of ​​”faking it ’til you make it” as long as you follow through with the lies you originally told. There are many success stories of world-renowned and famous actors who only got roles by lying, roles that would eventually knock them out of the park.

TikToker Ashton Ray (@ashray) also seems to wholeheartedly agree with this philosophy, as they shared a story that went viral on the popular social media application, where the flick worked in his favor.

Ashton explains that he lied through and through to get a job at the Cheesecake Factory, which sparked a viral debate in the comments section of his post.


He who lies succeeds!

♬ Original sound – Ashton RAY💜

“Lying gets you so much further in life than telling the truth. Listen to that shit I just drew,” Ashton begins.

He explains that he’s applied for several jobs to help pay off his Beyoncé tickets. However, he soon grew impatient with employers and their lack of response.

“I got really tired of waiting for jobs to call me back, so I just go somewhere and request an interview,” he says. “And that’s exactly what I did.”

Ashton claims he simply walked into his local Cheesecake Factory and asked to interview the manager. After waiting in the lobby, the TikToker said the manager sat down to question him about his past restaurant experiences.

“Lord have mercy,” says Ashton, “I’ve never worked a day in a restaurant in my damn life. But I told him I worked at this really nice restaurant down the road for a whole year, so all of my interview questions were about a job I’ve never fucking worked at. So everything that came out of my mouth was a blatant lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, but it worked.”

The TikToker claims he advanced to a second interview due to his lie. However, he says he probably won’t take the job given the schedule that’s been offered.

“However, I’m very impressed with myself because I just said, ‘Hello, give me an interview,’ and then crushed it with nothing but lies,” he concludes. “So moral of the story: If you want something, just get it and lie if you have to.”

There have been a number of commenters who warned Ashton not to fill his “digital footprint” with incriminating posts – but Ashton says he’s not concerned about his content. He also adds that he’s been fired from positions before his TikTok posts, but he doesn’t seem to care.


I keep trying to keep it real!!!

♬ Original sound – Ashton RAY💜

“My digital footprint is already so ruined that I’ve been on the internet since I was 11,” he claims. “Believe me, if you dig hard enough you might find something that will put me in jail. I’m not afraid of shit.”

The Daily Dot has emailed Ashton and the Cheesecake Factory for further comment.

Viewers who watched Ashton’s video had a ton of questions, such as one commenter asking what Ashton was up to if the Cheesecake Factory interviewer asked for a reference. The TikToker replied: “Oh I gave them one, we’re fair.” [hoping] they don’t use it.”

Others thought he might have shot himself in the foot.

“Except that when you get the job and you can’t do it, it’s not that great,” said one user.

Another wrote: “Then call this restaurant for reference, then see this video, then see you are actually working and have no idea what you are doing.”


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*Initial publication: March 8, 2023 2:43 pm CST

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Jack Alban Arbeiter says he lied about experience to get a job at the Cheesecake Factory

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