Arbeiter says a woman who left without her change accused her of stealing

Customer service representatives invariably deal with a variety of unpleasant customers on the job, and sometimes their complaints just don’t make sense.

A woman, a former ice cream parlor employee, used TikTok to share the story of a customer who accused her of stealing after she drove away without her change.

The TikToker (@alex.ishere1) says she worked at an ice cream parlor when she was in school, and once “that boomer lady” walked through the drive-thru. She ordered a single cone with vanilla ice cream, which cost two dollars.

The customer paid for her $2 ice cream cone with a $100 bill, says Alex. So the clerk handed the customer her ice cream cone before giving her change back, reasoning that it would take a while to count the change and she didn’t want the ice cream to melt.

By the time Alex turned to give the customer her change, she had already driven away. The TikToker says she’s put the change aside for now.

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“We had this rule that if [customers] If you don’t come back within four hours, you can take the change and split it among all the workers as a tip,” Alex says in the video.

After almost four hours had passed, Alex split the change left between himself and the only other employee working at the time. She says the customer came back through the drive-through “literally two seconds later.”

Alex says she picked up the change as soon as she recognized the customer’s voice.

“She then came to me and accused me of stealing from her,” Alex says in the video. “After that, she yelled at me for about 20 minutes.”

As of Saturday, Alex’s video has received over 1.1 million views. Viewers had a mixed reaction to TikToker’s story.

A viewer commented that they often had clients like Alex during their customer service job and offered their advice.

“I’ve had so many people do that,” they said. “I always tell them we had cameras and if they didn’t even wait for their change, that was their problem.”

“Why would you take that from her just tell her to go and call the cops if she wants to keep yelling at you,” commented a second viewer, referring to the customer yelling at Alex.

Some users said they find it strange that customers have such large bills to pay for such cheap items.

“Why do they always have hundreds? I think I might have $200 bills. and that’s how. emergency money. 50 is the tallest I go. typically 20 seconds,” said one user.

“And how can all these people casually have so many $100 bills??? Like Boomers are richer than I thought,” wrote another.

However, some viewers disagreed with how TikToker handled the situation and berated them in the comments.

“I work for Publix and we would be fired for it. Give him at least 24 hours. My goodness,” wrote one viewer.

In response to the comment, Alex wrote, “That was in 2016 and was a rule my boss at the time made… I wasn’t in charge, I was just a worker.”

In separate comments on the video, the TikToker clarified: “Of course you still have the money back if people come back after the 4 hours. The 4-hour limit was only set because of shift changes.”

“Besides, I was 16 and this was my first job. I just followed what my manager told me, but I returned the money anyway,” she added.

The Daily Dot contacted user @alex.ishere1 via TikTok comment.

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*Initial publication: June 18, 2022 2:43 pm CDT

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Cecilia Lenzen

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