Anti-Vaxxer Told Rogan America Is Like Nazi Germany

The far right believes that the United States is like Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. They believe this because an anti-vaxxer said so on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Earlier this week, Rogan invited Dr. Robert Malone to join his programme. Malone is a virologist and immunologist who claimed credit for inventing the mRNA vaccine in a pair of papers in 1989 and 1990. To be more precise, Malone may have had light up hope for vaccines, but out of hundreds contribute its development.

Malone was largely unknown until he emerged as a staunch opponent of the COVID-19 vaccine last year. Malone quickly ranked his work on vaccines and opposing it as a far-right star. Internet archives show that the word June arrive December His Twitter followers have grown from 4,500 to over 500,000. At the same time, he went on an anti-vaxxer tour, appearing in shows by Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon and everywhere in between.

On Wednesday, Malone achieved a far-right coup by permanently receiving ban of Twitter. (I also reported Somehow he was temporarily suspended by LinkedIn at some point.) Archives show that prior to his suspension, he was once a source of misinformation about vaccines. and treatments for COVID on Twitter.


Rogan, no wonder promote As yet unproven COVID treatments, Malone rewarded Malone by inviting him to join his program. Here Malone wail about his Twitter suspension and repeated conspiracy theories about COVID vaccines and treatments that have earned him popularity on the right wing. Curiously, he also admitted to taking the vaccine.

One remark he made during the three-hour interview caught the attention of the far right.

Malone declared that the United States was like Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. “The population is very intelligent, highly educated, and they have gone crazy. And how did that happen? ‘ he said of Nazi Germany.

“The answer is mass-forming psychosis.”

Going on, he said, “When you have a society that has become separate from one another and has free-floating anxiety with the feeling that things don’t make sense, we can’t make sense of it. And then their attention is focused by a leader or sequence of events on a small, hypnotic-like point. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.”

Malone – who is not a sociologist, psychologist or anthropologist – says that the leaders responsible in such a situation claim that they alone can solve society’s problems. festival.

“They will follow that person. It doesn’t matter if they lie to them or anything.”

He said that in 2019, people were “complaining, the world doesn’t make sense” and are no longer “socially connected, except through social media”.

“Then this happened,” he said, perhaps referring to the pandemic. “That’s how mass-forming psychosis happens and that’s what happened here.”

Malone’s comment went viral. Up to this point, a clip of them has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Malone’s theory that America was becoming like Nazi Germany naturally drew crowds that like COVID restrictions for the Holocaust.

“The suppression of free speech has played a brutal role in this mass-forming psychosis,” tweeted British actor and crusaders against waking Laurence Fox.

“Probably the scariest interview I have ever seen,” commented @Moodred.

Paradise of the far right and the conspirators Telegram There was a lot of talk about Malone’s arrival.



Discussions of mass-forming psychosis have been simmering among the far right for some time. Malone herself has been talking about it for weeks.

ONE book published in November makes the same argument that COVID gave rise to the phenomenon, which has gone by various names, including mass paranoid psychosis and mass hysteria.

However, not all conservatives of the political spectrum agree that COVID and its associated fears and limitations have led to mass psychosis.

Last month, Dilbert creator and right-wing mouthpiece Scott Adams tweeted, “The idea of ​​Mass Forming Disorder is purely bullshit as an explanation for how we’ve come to be.”

“It was a false assumption that we started with some sort of rational thought and drifted. The simpler explanation is that Fake News broke us.”

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* First published: January 1, 2022, 12:43 pm CST

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