Andrew Tate’s fortunes are rising while legitimacy elsewhere seems to be waning

Finally, at the bottom of the mainstream hierarchy are “lay people” whose knowledge and understanding of world affairs is conveyed to them from the top.

Trust Nobody: Alex Jones.

Trust Nobody: Alex Jones.Credit:AP

The “alternative entrepreneur”

Just as social media has allowed us to witness more elite scandals and unethical behavior than ever before, it has also allowed the emergence of alternative hierarchies. It is within these hierarchies that people like Tate thrive.

The Internet has created platforms for the fringes of society to express their dissatisfaction and to network with like-minded people. And these new hierarchies are the perfect environment for people who have lost confidence in the established order of society and in the willingness of conventional leaders to keep their best interests at heart. Or, as is often the case with Andrew Tate’s supporters, those too young and too impressionable to know the difference.

At the very top of this hierarchy, populist politicians like Donald Trump and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones hold strong gullibility and high positions.


Their warped views of world events are eagerly digested by disenfranchised followers who believe they have the answers to contemporary problems. These figures assume leadership roles, speak expertly about issues with little or flawed information, and espouse populist remedies for such issues.

Tate fits into this alternative global online hierarchy as what might be termed an “alternative moral entrepreneur”. Its messages are projected as advice and guidance for “lost men” rather than presented as full blown conspiracy theories. Videos shared online by followers often portray Tate as a counselor and solver of men’s problems, akin to the moral entrepreneurs of the mainstream hierarchy.

Like many others, I have been bombarded via YouTube with videos of Tate’s sermons on various podcasts, shared by like-minded influencers (male and female) who share similar views. He professes remedies for men lost in a system they are portrayed as oppressive and administered by political figureheads who lack moral credibility.

Tate and his brother Tristan often discuss their difficult “brokie” days and how they rose to fame and fortune, suggesting one such path within reach of others with the right attitude. Tate’s journey from rags to riches through the unethical treatment of women will have a serious impact on today’s youth.

Don't trust your government: Edward Snowden.

Don’t trust your government: Edward Snowden.Credit:AP

A conundrum for the mainstream

Mainstream leaders have yet to figure out how to navigate these emerging online hierarchies. During a livelihood crisis, when social and economic resources are stretched, it is inevitable that some will suffer more than others.

When elected leaders cannot help the most disadvantaged, it is natural for those same people to seek help elsewhere to alleviate their plight.

This is where political leaders fail because they fail to understand the influence of figures like Tate and how such influence actively damages both the legitimacy of their elected leadership and the democratic process itself.

Tate and others like him are a warning to the mainstream elite hierarchy that social change is needed to prevent his kind from targeting and corrupting young men and women.

Far from accepting political rhetoric without an end product, people are giving people the opportunity to step out of the mainstream hierarchy in search of alternatives.

It’s not just about silencing harmful rhetoric through rejection. Political leaders need to bring about meaningful change that will lead to renewed confidence in their ability to create real wealth. The alternative is Andrew Tate.

Paul TJ French, graduate student in criminal justice and criminology; Lecturer in Criminology, University of Chester, Liverpool John Moore University Andrew Tate’s fortunes are rising while legitimacy elsewhere seems to be waning

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