An expert reveals the best bedding for your sleeping style

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We all know that sleep is precious.

Anything that prevents us from closing our spiritual eyes deserves to be addressed.

So it can be frustrating if you’re a light or restless sleeper – or even struggling with temperature control.

And with 60% saying they’re unhappy with their sleep cycle, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Thankfully, James Higginson – CEO of Ethical Bedding – has provided some insight into the best sheets for your sleeping style and how different materials can affect your sleep. your chances of getting a good night’s rest.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Bamboo for hot sleepers

For those who find themselves getting cranky at night and pulling their sheets off, James suggests trying bamboo sheets.

He explains: ‘If you’re a hot sleeper by nature, you’ll want to avoid bedding made of felt, fleece or cotton-sateen. These materials tend to retain heat for longer periods of time – they’re not ideal for people who like to stay cool.

‘Bamboo bed sheets, on the other hand, are cool to the touch and very breathable, drawing moisture away from the body into the fibers of the bedding so you can stay cool all night.’

Cotton for cold sleepers

On the other hand, for people who get chilly at night and wish they had thicker pajamas or a heating blanket, James says cotton is the best choice.

He adds: ‘Usually heavyweight cotton or fleece are the best options if you’re a cold sleeper.

‘These materials are great for trapping heat and moisture, adding a down comforter is also a good idea. Stay away from linen as it has a loose knit that allows ample space for air to circulate. ‘

Silk for restless sleepers

People with restless sleep will often find themselves tossing and turning – waking up several times during the night.

As a result, James says that silk bedding is perfect for restless people because it is a lightweight, hypoallergenic and soothing fabric that avoids irritation on the skin.

He continued: ‘The temperature-regulating properties of silk also mean you don’t have to worry about getting too hot or too cold throughout the year.

‘It’s best to avoid fabrics like polyester which can be more prone to scratching the skin.’

Microfibre for animal lovers

If you enjoy sleeping with your four-legged friend nearby, you should make sure you have the right fabric to prevent pet hair from getting on your bedding.

James recommends: ‘Microfibre is the most ideal fabric when you have pets in the bedroom. As a tightly woven and silky soft material, when animal hair sticks to the bed, simply shaking the sheets will make them fall off instantly.

‘However, Flannel is not recommended as it is very clingy and requires a lot of maintenance.’

Eucalyptus as a night light

Light sleepers know the struggle to get a good night’s sleep, as they’re often interrupted by things beyond their control – whether it’s another family member landing or in the car. slightly outside.

But James says that eucalyptus can be a good choice to promote more comfortable sleep for people who wake up a lot.

While these sheets won’t wake you up, they will help you sleep more comfortably – as they help regulate your body temperature, keeping you comfortable and cool at night.

He says: ‘When you’re light-headed, you’re very sensitive to noise, light and touch, which is why fabrics like polyester are not recommended as it has a coarser texture and layer. harder makeup, which can easily irritate the skin.

‘The eucalyptus bedding, on the other hand, is perfect as it’s so soft and naturally hypoallergenic that it’s also an air-conditioned and breathable fabric, ensuring you’re comfortable all year round.’

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