Alleged incident of violence reported at Fear Overload Scream Park

TikToker @albertsrt4 posted a viral clip showing the aftermath of what appeared to be a violent incident that took place at a haunted attraction. In the clip, a security guard can be seen along with several actors at the Fear Overload Scream Park outside of the venue. A text overlay in the video reads, “An actor, um… threatened, um… with a gun.

The clip has been viewed 9.4 million times since it was uploaded on October 28. Here’s what we know about the incident.

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At some point in the 31-second clip, Albert approaches people dressed as creepy clowns, believed to be actors in the attraction, who tell the TikToker not to enter the venue as it’s not safe. Other users on the platform urged the video’s uploader to provide more information, to which he committed.

In Albert’s first clip, it seemed like the incident was initially blamed on the fear monger, but it appears that a visitor was the one who brought a knife into Fear Overload Scream Park based on what the TikToker said in his subsequent storytime video said .

In it, he addressed comments and gave context to his viral clip:

“So everything you see there, the questions, ‘Why would anyone go in there with a knife?’ Nobody would come in there with a knife [because] up front they scan everyone… well… nobody can smuggle a gun in… the guy in black that came out was an employee and he called 9-1-1 because i’m guessing apparently he saw something and then there was another manager said right in front of it, ‘come out oh my gosh turn on the lights it’s serious it’s serious’ and as soon as I walked out the lights went on and where everything was dark the whole haunted house thing was dark but the lights were finally on and then so he said [somebody had] a gun, and apparently I heard someone threatening an actor who worked there. Apparently he was fucking making a joke or something, like I was bringing a gun or something, but apparently it was fucking true… And yeah, someone got stabbed, the lights were on, OK, maybe not stabbed, but something happened, the lights were on, damn, they all freaked out, so I started recording and I, I just walked out.

He ends his video by telling everyone to “stay safe” and “beware of scary clowns because there are hellish clowns there”.

Comments were disabled on Albert’s follow-up video, but a ton of people left comments on the first clip that TikToker posted. Many people stated that they refused to go into haunted houses because of the chaos involved, others just wanted to know more information about what happened, while other haunted attraction actors said they often feared that visitors would take revenge on them, while they just do their best work.

“That’s exactly why I won’t go into haunted houses. You never know who’s really hiding there,” someone said.

“If a scaremonger says to go somewhere safe, you better trust them and leave,” added another.

Haunted house actors also chimed in: “As a haunted actor, I dread that every shift.” Another said that “as a scare actor, always and I mean always listen to scare actors even if you think we’re kidding.”

Many praised the actors in the clip for reacting heroically and breaking character: “When the scaremonger in the black hoodie actually told you to move to a safe area, you could hear the actual fear in his voice! He was actually scared himself! Even scared actors are human beings with emotions and he was genuinely FEARED FOR HIS LIFE, YOUR LIFE and the lives of his peers!”

Fear Overload Scream Park concluded its seasonal operations over the weekend, according to Instagram.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time an actual attack has taken place in a haunted attraction. In 2017, the owner of the Scream Hollow Haunted House in Texas sexually assaulted a volunteer minor and was arrested years later.

The Daily Dot contacted Albert via TikTok comment and the Newark, California Police Department via email for more information.

*Initial publication: November 6, 2022 at 8:32 p.m. CST

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Jack Alban Alleged incident of violence reported at Fear Overload Scream Park

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