All iPhone owners warned: 7 ways to protect it in the heat

HOT weather affects us all in different ways – but it’s your iPhone that you should really be concerned about.

With mercury skyrocketing during the UK heatwave, many are finding their smartphones overheating more often than usual.

Hot weather can force your iPhone to shut down temporarily while it cools down


Hot weather can force your iPhone to shut down temporarily while it cools downCredit: apple

Brits are baking in brutal temperatures of up to 33C this week – and face another eight days of scorching temperatures.

The Met Office has issued a yellow “Danger to Life” warning, with “exceptionally high” temperatures likely.

But that’s not the only warning as iPhone owners need to take extra care of their gadgets.

Overheating can cause your smartphone to shut down temporarily – and also damage your battery.

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Here are seven ways to protect your smartphone — be it an iPhone or an Android phone — in hot weather.

The list was compiled by software company Bespoke Software.

1. Protect from direct sunlight

Make sure your iPhone stays cool by keeping it out of direct sunlight on hotter days.

It might sound obvious, but using your device while it’s absorbing extra heat from the sun can cause significant damage.

If your iPhone gets too warm, it could trigger a worrying pop-up that shuts down your phone.

Even Apple has warned that overheating your iPhone could “permanently decrease battery life.”

“Low or high temperature conditions may cause the device to change behavior,” Apple explains.

High temperatures can have a lasting impact on battery life.

“Using an iOS device in very hot conditions can permanently decrease battery life,” according to a support post from Apple.

2. Remove the case

Another way to help your iPhone cool down is to remove any cases you’ve hit while moving it.

While they’re a useful way to protect your device from scratches and falls, they also act as an insulating layer that can trap heat.

This is especially true if you’re using a leather or rubber case, which are excellent insulators.

It may be worth considering whether your case is doing more harm than good on a hot day.

3. Turn off your phone

If your phone is getting too hot, turning it off is a good way to ensure it doesn’t suffer any long-term damage.

This is a good way to shut down the processor, battery, and any other parts that can get particularly hot.

Of course, this won’t let you use your phone, so it’s not a permanent solution and should only be used in emergencies.

Alternatively, you can simply not use your phone for five minutes to allow it to cool down.

4. Change your settings

Changing your phone’s settings is another way to keep it cool on hot days.

For example, if you turn down the brightness of your screen, your phone will use less battery and get less hot.

If your phone automatically sets the brightness to maximum when you are outside, you should disable this.

Turning off your data also saves battery, which is also closely related to phone temperature.

Putting your phone to sleep mode can also fix the problem.

5. Don’t push your phone to the limit

Avoid using power-hungry apps for long periods of time.

This is especially important for gamers, as graphics-intensive gaming apps can cause a phone’s processor to heat up very quickly.

Certain functions, such as Devices such as GPS can also cause problems when used in hot environments or in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

6. Don’t leave your phone in your pocket

Don’t keep your iPhone in tight places like under the covers or in your pocket.

Your pants or shorts can act as an insulating layer, trapping heat around your device.

This is especially true if you are wearing something tight, such as a B. Skinny-fit jeans that hold air more effectively.

7. Leave in a cool place

If none of the above works, you can always try keeping your phone in a cool place.

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This can be under an electric fan or even in one of the cabinets in your kitchen.

However, it is not recommended to keep the phone in the fridge or freezer as it may damage it.

Overheating can affect your iPhone's battery life


Overheating can affect your iPhone’s battery lifeCredit: Alamy

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