Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9 Summary “Briana”

Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9 “Briana.” When a bride goes missing on her wedding day, Mike and Kemi discover the woman has led a life of deceit. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Sunday, February 27, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. ET, 8:00 p.m. CT and 6:00 p.m. PT FOX.

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previously on Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 8, Sidney, upset that Jason and Nikki don’t believe their claims about Keith, opens up the details surrounding the day of his disappearance, leading Jason to have serious doubts about the boy who claims to be his son. Meanwhile, Mike’s police mentor brings a missing officer’s case to the MPU team.

Warning… spoilers below!

At Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9, Briana, a bride about to walk down the aisle, is mysteriously missing before her ceremony can begin. Unbeknownst to her guest, Briana was forcibly abducted from her bridal suite by a man in black wearing a ski mask before she could walk down the aisle.

The Runaway Bride

At MPU headquarters, Briana’s fiancé Trevor tells Nikki and Jason about her job as a bartender, but can’t understand why anyone would want to stop their marriage. Jason thinks Briana trashed the bridal suite and ran away on her own, but Kemi and Nikki give her a warning anyway.

Afterwards, Nikki, Jason and Mike interview Keith about his kidnapper and what she wanted from him. She took his blood every 2 weeks and he knows that when he escaped he left a boy named Max behind. Nikki and Jason are determined to find Max as soon as possible.

Mike reminds Nikki and Jason that they must withdraw from the case of Keith’s kidnapper lest the judge throw out their personal bias. To distract themselves, they look at Briana’s finances and it turns out that she has a secret content creation company.

secrets and lies

In Briana’s content store, the team find tons of underwear, suggesting that Briana was a clandestine cam girl. When they inform Trevor he is shocked that Briana was able to do cam shows as she promised him they would wait until the wedding to have sex or be intimate.

Briana didn’t do porn, she just talked to lonely men who wanted to watch her pottery in lingerie and talk to her about their problems. For a price, users could talk to Briana, and she had blocked several of them, making them perfect suspects.

At the station, Mike guides Nikki through the missing children who may be being held with Keith. There’s a kid named Maxwell, and another kid reported him missing after being kidnapped, so Mike sets out to investigate while a frustrated Nikki stays behind.

After going through Briana’s users, the team finds out that she had a local stalker and Henry Starkey is the most likely victim. Kemi goes after Starkey while Mike interviews Cory, a homeless boy who reported Max’s disappearance. He put a Bluetooth tag on Max’s clothes.

Whatever is necessary

Although Cory’s phone can’t pick up Max’s signal, a network of cell phones could potentially. Mike agrees to let Jason use his resources to intercept the signal, so he takes on Briana’s case. At Henry Starkey’s house, Kemi finds out that Briana is using hired bots to talk to men.

Henry Starkey’s alibi is checked and Mike finds out that Briana has hired Sam Lindquist to grow her content and pages, bringing her many new subscribers. When Briana decided to stop making videos and get married, Lindquist was furious and gave them the perfect motive to kidnap her.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Jason ask his friend to use his drones to find the bluetooth tracker left in Max’s clothes. Using phones from the evidence closet, Nikki and Jason frantically search for Max with the help of an army of drones. If they find a signal, they don’t call Mike.

Upon entering the station, Samantha Lindquist admits that she created bots to help content creators talk to their fans. She didn’t kidnap Briana, but she did notice suspicious activity on her fan creator account, and when she tried to log in, she found that she was locked out.

signals and frayed wires

When Nikki and Jason get a signal, it leads them to a run-down house in the woods, but no sign of Max or any other missing children. You’ll find Max’s old clothes and the tracker, as well as a cot next to a wall covered in children’s drawings from years past.

When Kemi and Mike check Briana’s cash account, they find that $47,589 was withdrawn, the exact amount Henry Starkey paid Briana. While Henry’s alibi is airtight, his wife Gloria’s is not. She keeps Briana in a shed in her back garden and threatens her with a knife.

Now that Gloria has the money she wanted and ruined Briana’s marriage, she unties her and says she will let her go. Fearing for her life, Briana lashes out at Gloria who, after losing her mask, violently murders Briana and shows Henry what she did.

Henry is distraught by his wife’s actions, but she insists he help her hide the body before the police find it. At the house in the woods, Keith recognizes the creaking of the floorboards and the downstairs area where he was held for years, but Max’s room has been locked.

Shock & Horror

At Henry Starkey’s house, Kemi and Mike find the blood from Briana’s body, but find no sign of either Henry or Gloria. They are in the woods burying Briana but she is alive and Gloria insists they have to kill her. Henry disagrees and his wife accidentally shoots him instead.

When Jason discovers a hidden door to Max’s old room, he finds a skeleton inside, which the team assumes is Max. After Jason sets off with Mike to find Henry, Nikki admits over the phone that she broke her word and went to the safe house with Jason without telling him.

On the way to Jason, Kemi asks Mike if his anger at Nikki’s actions has more to do with his jealousy over their relationship than the law. At Henry’s car, Kemi, Mike and Jason find him with a threadlike pulse in the grave made for Briana and they hear Gloria shooting in the woods.

While Kemi stays with Henry, Jason and Mike go after Gloria, who holds Briana at gunpoint and lectures her about marriage. Mike gives Gloria a speech about betrayal, and Jason manages to stop her before she can kill herself or others.

More than that

At the crime scene in the cabin in the woods, Rachel scolds C for fooling her and dumping her on their date. He tries to explain himself but ends up stuttering and instead says they found 3 more bodies buried around Keith’s kidnapper’s hut and counting.

When Nikki and Jason arrive at the scene, the bodies of 5 other teenage boys were found buried around the cabin. The kidnapper performs surgery on the children before killing them and Rachel will take them to the morgue to try to identify them as soon as possible.

In the woods, Mike confesses to Nikki that he’s nervous and jealous about her relationship with Jason. He realizes that they must do whatever they can to find out what happened to their son and accepts that no matter what happens, they will work the case together.

Back at the station, Kemi shows the video to Briana’s fiancé, Trevor, announcing that she is quitting camera work to remain faithful to Trevor and her marriage. Trevor forgives Briana and they get back together, prompting Kemi to remind C that if he doesn’t explain himself, he will lose Rachel.

It all comes out

Down in the morgue, C tells Rachel that he’s a trans man, which is the secret he wanted to keep from her. Rachel immediately accepts C fully and they share a sweet kiss next to the table he is examining dead bodies and skeletons on.

After the bodies are identified, Jason discovers they were all treated at the same clinic, meaning one of the employees could be the kidnapper. In the staff list, Keith identifies Beth Colt as his kidnapper and we get a flash of her holding Max hostage.

Nikki and Jason build drones in Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit
Kemi and C at the MPU headquarters in Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1
Nikki, Jason and Keith in Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1
Mike and Jason investigate in Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit

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Alert: Occupation of missing persons unit

  • Dania Ramirez as Nikki Parker
  • Scott Can as Jason Grant
  • Adelola’s role as Kemi
  • Ryan Broussard as Mike
  • Graham Verchere as Keith

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Alert: Season 1 Missing Persons Unit Episode Guide

season Consequence title air date
1 10 “Max” season finale February 27, 2023
1 9 “Briana” February 27, 2023
1 8th “craig” February 20, 2023
1 7 “Shannon” February 13, 2023
1 6 “Tim and Amy” February 6, 2023
1 5 “Miguel” January 30, 2023
1 4 “Andy” January 23, 2023
1 3 “Zoy” January 16, 2023
1 2 “Hugo” January 9, 2023
1 1 “Chloe” Alert: Premiere of the series “Missing Persons Unit”. January 8, 2023

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