Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 10 Finale Recap “Max”

Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Warning: Season 1, Episode 10, Missing Persons Unit finale “Max.” The mystery of Keith’s disappearance begins to unravel as he tells Jason and Nikki more details about his time in captivity and leads them to a cabin where they find a horrific scene. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Sunday, February 27, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. ET, 8:00 p.m. CT and 6:00 p.m. PT FOX.

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previously on Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Episode 9When a bride goes missing on her wedding day, Mike and Kemi discover the woman has led a life of deceit.

Warning… spoilers below!

At Warning: Season 1, Episode 10, Missing Persons Unit finale, Beth keeps Max strapped to a stretcher hooked up to various medical devices. She tells him that he is here to care for her son Noah and when Max asks to meet him, she shows him a very sick boy in a cradle surrounded by plastic. Beth tells Max that Noah’s heart is broken.

Caught & Tied

At MPU headquarters, the team is going through “Beth Colt’s” information, all of which is fake. Her real name is Elizabeth Coulter and her 7-year-old son, Noah, has been diagnosed with an illness that causes multiple organ failure. Coulter has been stealing blood and organs for Noah for years.

The MPU team is appalled by Coulter’s actions and shocked that she has kept her son alive all these years. To find out who will get her the medication she needs, Jason pretends to want nose surgery and bribes a shady doctor into giving up Coulter’s suppliers.

When they find three local suppliers, Jason beats one of them up for an address for Coulter’s drug drop-off. On surveillance, Jason and Nikki flirt while waiting to spot Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she also spots them and manages to run away from Jason and kidnap Nikki after knocking her unconscious.

past years

When Nikki wakes up, she is tied to a chair next to Max. In front of Nikki, Beth sedates Max while Nikki tries to talk her out of transplanting him. When Nikki tells Beth that she used to have her son, Beth tells Nikki that she will take his place as Max’s blood substitute.

At the train station, Jason, Mike and Kemi desperately try to find Nikki. Realizing that Beth’s medical instruments may have a tracking number, the team tries to track them down while Jason calls his kids to tell them Nikki has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, in the shelter, Nikki talks to Max.

Max is afraid of disobeying Beth, but Nikki tricks him into removing his IV and grabbing surgical tools to free himself. After Nikki’s alarm goes off, one hit narrows down the medical device Elizabeth is using to ten households. Jason, Kemi, Mike and C go door to door.

At Elizabeth’s house, Nikki manages to free Max and sends him out the window to get help while she stays behind to try to save Noah. With Max gone, Nikki finds Noah but realizes he’s been dead for years just before Beth knocks her out again with a syringe.

Can’t lose

Back home, Keith is distraught that his mother has been kidnapped and blames himself for leaking information about the kidnapper. He believes his actions were about revenge, which makes him selfish, but Oliver tries to reassure him that Nikki and Jason will stop Beth.

When C receives a phone call from Max after escaping, Jason realizes that he is Nikki’s closest. He tells Mike he won’t be waiting for backup, and when he gets to Coulter’s house, he breaks down the door. Upstairs, Elizabeth prepares Nikki for surgery.

When Jason comes upstairs, he manages to get Elizabeth away from Nikki, but his anger causes him to put his loaded gun to Elizabeth’s head. Jason tells her that the bullet in his gun has her name on it for 6 years, but Nikki manages to convince him not to kill her at the last minute.

Once Elizabeth is in custody, Keith is asked to positively identify her so that she can be brought to justice. At home, the family, as well as Kemi and Oliver, celebrate when she is brought down. As Keith walks Oliver to his car, a woman hits him in the street and kidnaps him while Nikki and Jason look on in horror.

get away

After Keith’s kidnapping, Nikki calls the police with part of the license plate to immediately sound the alarm. None of the neighbors have seen anything, but Kemi spots text messages between him and the woman who picked him up on Keith’s phone, dating back over a month.

At the station, Nikki and Jason question Elizabeth about Keith’s second kidnapping. Elizabeth denies threatening Keith and denies ever taking him with her, and Mike realizes that Keith’s story doesn’t add up – which is because it’s not his story.

Upon learning of the lyrics, Sidney searches Keith’s journal and finds that the woman has been stalking him for some time. Her name is Evelyn Hadley and when they reach her house they find “Keith” downstairs with her but she calls him Lucas and tells them he is her son.

Held at gunpoint, “Keith” aka Lucas admits Evelyn saw her on the news last year and ransomed Lucas because she knew he looked like her son. Lucas admits he wanted what Keith always had, but when he begs Evelyn to let the team go, she accidentally shoots him.

The end of everything

Lucas dies in Nikki’s arms and Evelyn is taken into custody for lying, ransoming Jason and Nikki, and physically abusing Lucas. After speaking to Max, Mike realizes that Keith told the police about Oliver’s story instead, and the team interviews Oliver about the whole situation between Beth and Max.

Oliver admits Lucas had newspaper articles going back years and he had replaced Keith’s baby hair with his own and burned himself with boiling water to more closely resemble Keith. Lucas tried to escape life with Evelyn but he still lied to Nikki and Jason for months.

Speaking of which, Nikki and Jason are shocked they didn’t realize earlier that Lucas was a scammer. They hold a memorial to Keith with Kemi, C, and Mike, who they assume is long dead at this point. The police are dredging the lake, so if Keith died there, his body will finally be found.

After staying with Nikki throughout his grief, Jason gives Mike the key stash before returning to his own apartment. Nikki and Mike are finally living together and everyone is doing their best to move on.

Nikki and Jason have a heart to heart in Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit
C gives Jason the rundown in Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1
Jason and Mike on Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1
Nikki, Kemi and Mike are holding someone at gunpoint in Season 1 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit

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Alert: Occupation of missing persons unit

  • Dania Ramirez as Nikki Parker
  • Scott Can as Jason Grant
  • Adelola’s role as Kemi
  • Ryan Broussard as Mike
  • Graham Verchere as Keith

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Alert: Season 1 Missing Persons Unit Episode Guide

season Consequence title air date
1 10 “Max” season finale February 27, 2023
1 9 “Briana” February 27, 2023
1 8th “craig” February 20, 2023
1 7 “Shannon” February 13, 2023
1 6 “Tim and Amy” February 6, 2023
1 5 “Miguel” January 30, 2023
1 4 “Andy” January 23, 2023
1 3 “Zoy” January 16, 2023
1 2 “Hugo” January 9, 2023
1 1 “Chloe” Alert: Premiere of the series “Missing Persons Unit”. January 8, 2023

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