Added Starbucks Worker Blasts Tip option to card reader

Jack Alban


Published 11/22/2022 Updated 11/22/2022 3:44 PM CST

A Starbucks barista called forth the newly implemented tip option screen that appears on POS systems at a number of the coffee chain’s locations.

TikToker Tori (@kniifes) wrote in a text overlay, “Starbucks adding tip option to card reader is top 10 worst disasters that have ever happened to mankind.” She explained her reasoning in the video’s caption: “It is so embarrassing when customers say ‘it can’t go through!!!!’ bae, there’s an extra step now.”

@kniifes so embarrassing when customers say “It won’t go through!!!!” bae now there’s an extra step 😭😭😭 #starbucks #starbies #starbucksbarista #baristalife #baristatok #starbucksdrinks ♬ EHHHHHHH EH EH EH – sk. ninga

Tori’s criticism of the feature has garnered over 160,000 views, culminating in a wide variety of viewer reactions. Some couldn’t understand why she had a problem getting more money while she was on the clock; others said they’re glad the retailer is asking customers to leave a tip.

There were several other users on the platform who thought Tori was complaining about receiving tips, and she took the time to respond to one comment, specifically that people misinterpreted what her complaint about the tipping option was on the Starbucks POS systems.

Judging from your answer, your real problem seems to be that the new tip option ends up causing transactions to take longer than they should, as some customers are either confused by the screen and don’t know what else to do, to pay for your order. She said that sometimes the POS system goes down once it arrives at the tip screen, which causes even more problems, forcing staff to reboot that computer and take the customer’s order on another device while trying to to pay for their items.

@kniifes Replying to @everythingischrome silly silly people #starbucks #baristalife #baristatok ♬ original sound – tori (╹◡╹)♡

“OK, many of you seem to be completely misreading this video, you know. That’s what happens when you don’t have the skills to understand. It is in order. Yes, basically Starbucks added the tip option to the card reader. So you know how you go to coffee shops, and they usually flip the iPad and say, “Do you want to tip?” Yeah, it’s basically what Starbucks added to us. But they created it in a way… I wasn’t aware at first. So I started noticing… Customers are taking a minute too long, longer to check out, and I’m wondering what’s going on? And then, um, a guy said, ‘Why isn’t that working’ and I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I look over, and it’s like a tip screen, and I was like, ‘What?’ Yes, basically the tip screen freezes. It’s happened to many other stores; In my store it’s happened five times…during peak hours and basically we have to shut down the entire register and use a different register because it just freezes and doesn’t move.”

Tori continues, “And it freezes on the tap screen and someone tries to fix it but obviously if you tap aggressively it doesn’t fix it. And most of all it’s very confusing because you can’t … click no for them like they have to do it themselves and it’s very difficult to explain it to old people, which is understandable because old people are old people. But you know, regulars that have been coming for 10, 20 years… they’re kind of confused. …And I kind of just have to talk and guide them, which takes longer, especially during peak times.”

This isn’t the first time coffeeshops and cafes have been asked to tip on social media. There are several other posts from TikTokers saying that these options “pressure” customers to give scenarios they otherwise wouldn’t give.

The Daily Dot contacted Tori via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email for more information.


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*Initial publication: November 22, 2022 at 3:43 pm CST

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Jack Alban Added Starbucks Worker Blasts Tip option to card reader

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