According to TikToker, a man snapped photos of teenage girls at the destination

TikToker @momoftwowithone posted a now-viral video of herself capturing a man shopping at Target, whom she claims was photographing teenage girls.

“You know that guy? I saw this guy blatantly taking photos and videos of teenage girls in their shorts at my local @target,” she wrote in the caption. “Security and managers couldn’t (wouldn’t) do anything and he booked it when someone mentioned the police.”

@momoftwowithone Do you know this guy? I saw this guy at my local @target blatantly taking photos and videos of teenage girls in their shorts and managers couldn’t (wouldn’t) do anything and he booked it when someone mentioned the police. #creep #karen #target #fyp ♬ Original sound – JJ

“I caught this guy following a group of teenage girls and taking pictures of them,” reads the overlay caption.

In the clip, she addresses the man as he tries to walk away. “You have pictures of children on your phone, that’s not okay!” she tells him. “It’s disgusting, you can’t take pictures of underage girls in the store. That is not OK.”

She then contacts other customers at the Target site. “He’s been taking pictures of underage girls and walking away because he’s embarrassed,” she says.

The man says something along the lines of “that’s not true.”

She replies: “Then show someone your phone. Because you took photos and videos of teenage girls in shorts!” she yells at him. “I’m not wrong. I’ve seen the whole thing. If you photograph other people’s children in stores, shame on you. Then show me your phone.”

The man replies, “Why should I show you my phone?”

“Because if you don’t have pictures of teenage girls on your phone, you should be ready to show them off,” she replies.

The man then asks again why he would show her his phone.

“Because you’ve been accused of something serious. If you didn’t, it wouldn’t be a problem. But you know you did it and I saw you do it. You saw me do it and walked away,” she says. The video then cuts to the man walking away from the TikToker.

The creator provided further context in the comments section on the situation, explaining that she “asked if [the girls] knew him from taking photos of them and the look on their face when they said they hadn’t [her] f*ck off.” She also wrote that he followed the girls for so long that at first she thought he was her father.

Some TikTokers questioned why she would follow the man when she had her own child in the shopping cart. She responded in the comments that she “felt completely safe” as they found themselves in a crowded store in the middle of the day. She addressed several other comments in a series of follow-up TikToks related to the incident at Target.

@momoftwowithone in reply to @pattyparalegal ♬ Original sound – JJ

“Secondly, if I hadn’t done what I did and nobody else would have done it [seen] then he would have just gotten away with it,” she explains. “Who knows how long he’s been doing this?”

In a follow-up clip, the mother says the man zoomed in on the girls’ bodies while he took the photos and did “creepy shit.” She says that when they got to the store, security was already waiting for him.

@momoftwowithone in reply to @momoftwowithone #greenscreen ♬ Original sound – JJ

The man allegedly refused to show anyone his phone, abandoned his shopping cart and left the store. The TikToker says Target management said they would “deal with it,” but she wasn’t convinced.

“They didn’t ask for my information, they didn’t ask for the video, so I don’t know how Target is handling that, and I hate that,” she says.

@momoftwowithone in reply to @momoftwowithone ♬ Original sound – JJ

“Hopefully someone knows who this is so something can be done,” she says in another clip.

While on public property, individuals generally have the right to photograph or film whomever they choose. The legal section of Free Advice on “Child Photography” states: “There are no special rules for children. Children do not have more privacy rights than adults. In theory, they have the same right to privacy, while in practice they probably have a lesser right to privacy.”

However, since this is in a Target store, that would mean the photos and video were taken on private property. This means that it would most likely be up to the retailer to tell customers to stop taking pictures and video clips of people since they own the store that the shopper is patronizing.

Employment attorney Michelle Murtha commented on taking pictures inside a store: “Yeah and yeah. Technically it is LEGAL to take these photos as it is not illegal to take them. However, the owner of the property can set any rules he likes to control the use of his property.”

However, TikTok sparked an ethical debate and many of the commenters believed that just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t necessarily make it “right,” especially when it comes to child safety.

Many people who saw TikToker’s video urged her to call the police, while others thanked the woman for keeping an eye out for the teens and getting the man into high gear.

“Expose them all day, every day,” read one top comment.

“Yes, be loud! Make a scene! Embarrass them,” encouraged another.

“Thanks for being LOUD and standing up for someone else’s baby,” wrote one user.

“As a young girl whose mother wouldn’t be so supportive of me, thank you!” wrote one viewer. “You lead by example!”

The Daily Dot emailed @momoftwowithone on TikTok and Target.

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