A worker reveals what people do wrong when setting up their TV

Motion smoothing has a pretty bad reputation. This feature, available on most modern TVs, is so unpopular among experts that if you google it, all the top results are headlines like “Motion smoothing is ruining cinema”. In a viral TikTok this week, a TV pro revealed why this feature is sabotaging your viewing experience.

The TikTok was posted in response to a prompt for people explaining why they “cringe” thanks to things they’ve learned at work. “I work in TV post production,” replied TikToker @kylo_sten_. “And almost all of you position your televisions incorrectly.”

The purpose of motion smoothing is to artificially increase the frame rate of what you’re watching. This means the TV is essentially inventing new frames to fill in the “gaps”. It’s helpful when watching fast-paced live sports, but visually disastrous when watching movies. Movie lovers hate it, as Tom Cruise has proven Approval of a PSA He urged people to turn off motion smoothing when watching his films, and a group of A-list directors to advocate for what he calls “filmmaker mode” instead.

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“There isn’t a show on TV that is designed to be enhanced by motion smoothing,” explains @kylo_sten_, revealing a second, less discussed issue with TV placement: “Your TV should always be in the viewing plane, at the level where you’re sitting .”

Apparently mounting your TV high up on the wall is a big mistake as most TVs don’t perform well from that angle. So if you crane your neck to look at the screen, you ruin your viewing experience. Final advice from @kylo_sten_? Do not use your TV’s built-in speakers.

With 890,000 views in just over a week, this TikTok has garnered a strong response. Some people’s eyes have been opened to the horrors of motion smoothing, but many comments suggest @kylo_sten_ has already preached to the choir.

“I hate motion smoothing,” one commenter wrote, while others revealed their own efforts to disable the feature on people’s TVs. “I’ll secretly change someone’s TV settings when they’re not looking,” reads one reply, while another admitted, “It’s been a lifelong crusade of mine to turn off people’s motion smoothing.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @kylo_sten_ via TikTok comment.

*Initial publication: June 16, 2022 at 7:50 am CDT

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Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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