A woman claims her landlord moved into her attic illegally

A TikToker says she sued a landlord who cheated her by illegally living in the attic of the house she rented.

Stefanie Murphy (@stefaniemurphy) posted the clip on Monday with the text overlay: “@ our landlord who cheated on us. We rented her whole house, and then she moved her things to the attic and lived illegally [there] for 8 months of our lease and harassed us.”

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In the caption, she wrote, “Don’t worry, we took her to court.” As of May 20, TikTok has over 142,000 views.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Stefanie Murphy shared more details about her landlord drama.

Stefanie said he found out about this rental apartment from a former photo customer of hers. “I even remember that we were lucky with our landlord. She was older and told us that she was moving in with her boyfriend but didn’t want to sell her house just yet, so she rented it out. She told us that she would store her larger furniture in the attic for now and that if she needed anything from up there she might need to text us to come over. We said absolutely no problem.”

Murphy explained that the illegal attic was outfitted with a stove and all, and was accessible to the landlord via a small set of stairs in front of the house.

Stefanie explained that the landlady put her things in the attic before she moved in, but suspiciously kept coming back. Apparently, the landlord didn’t even try to “hide it at all.”

“She came and went to work but slept up there every night. We had no idea what to do. For the next 8 months, she harassed us daily. Between blocking our cars in the driveway and texting us to turn on the lights outside so she could get in safely, she tanned on the deck and by the pool.”

As for the court case, Murphy says she won. “She had to make arrangements. We got our security and half the utilities back. The judge said we could take them back for all the outstanding rent, but we didn’t.”

She claims the landlord was trying to “earn more rent” by renting out the whole house and not just part of the house. Murphy claimed, “She left the mortgage unpaid and was living on our rent money.”

In the comments, people applauded Murphy for how she handled the situation. “I would SNAP, glad you brought her to court!”

“I’m having a hard time lol but I’m the bare minimum releasing bees and fart spray up there,” commented another.

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*Initial publication: May 20, 2022 at 4:50 p.m. CDT

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