A McDonald’s customer gets a cup of pickles after asking for an extra

Jack Alban


Published March 12, 2023 Updated March 12, 2023 11:59 AM CDT

Many fast food customers have taken to social media to express their frustration at being charged extra for extra amenities. Chiptole in particular has come under fire, and many guests said they were genuinely shocked to see how much the chain charged them for purchasing a single menu item with a few extra ingredients.

However, a TikToker named Lindsay (@breezyylindsayy) seems to have had the opposite problem. After a recent visit to McDonald’s, she said she asked for extra pickles and got an entire cup filled to the brim with topping.

@breezyylindsayy @mcdonalds ♬ original sound – ✨LINDSAY✨

“I asked McDonald’s for a side of pickles,” Lindsay writes in a text overlay on TikTok, then pulls a cup out of a McDonald’s paper bag and reveals it’s filled with slices of pickles from the popular fast-food chain. “Thanks, Mickey D’s.”

The Daily Dot contacted Lindsay via TikTok comment McDonald’s via email for.

A viewer commented that they were a fast food employee and that there was no way Lindsay was given a huge batch of pickles on purpose, writing, “I work in fast food and they definitely did that on purpose and laughed about it together.”

This appeared to be confirmed by another TikTok user in the comments section.

“As ex-workers, sometimes we get so bored that we take it to the extreme,” they wrote. “Especially when people ask for extra sauces or napkins.”

Another said the pickles were probably on the verge of going bad which led to such a gratuitous batch of the pickles, sharing: “Cucumbers were probably about to go bad so they hooked you up lol. Lindsay replied that this hadn’t happened to her just once, but two days “in a row”.

Others experienced sharp bouts of pickle envy, with one user writing, “how does it feel living my dream,” while another simply wrote, “need.”

Others, however, put a brake on all the extra pickle love affair, with some users criticizing the chain for being so magnanimous with its pickle wealth while still charging customers for extra packets of sauce.

“But if I want an extra sauce they want to charge me 0.50 cents lol,” wrote one.

Lindsay responded to this comment by saying that she ordered her sauces online and they’re free too, providing further proof that she might be McDonald’s favorite customer as she gets a plethora of pickles and sauces for free.

The TikToker uploaded a follow-up clip of her visiting a Mickey D drive-thru and requesting a “big side of pickles” for her order.

@breezyylindsayy Replies to @mel.mariieee big cup of pickles #2 for free!!! @mcdonalds ♬ original sound – ✨LINDSAY✨

In fact, the store’s staff slipped a cup of pickles into her bag and gave her more of the salty side dish to enjoy.


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*Initial publication: March 12, 2023 11:58 am CDT

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Jack Alban

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