A dazzling optical illusion hides a secret in a swirl

THIS amazing optical illusion has a secret inside – and it’s one that will tell you something very important about your eyes.

Thousands of people have puzzled over the visual trick that asks one simple question.

A bizarre optical illusion can reveal something important about your vision


A bizarre optical illusion can reveal something important about your visionPhoto credit: Twitter

But strangely, many have come to completely different conclusions about the hidden figures in the drawing.

The illusion shows a series of numbers in a black and gray striped circle.

It was posted on Twitter by user @benonwine, who asked: “See a number?

“If so, what number?”

One puzzler replied: “45 283… and what’s the catch?

“Should I make an appointment with my GP?”

Another wrote: “I can only see 528.

“Does that say anything about my eyesight?”

A third wrote: “I can see 45283 as I see two other numbers in the other answers I have.

“I see the numbers there, but I can’t make them up.”

In fact, there are seven numbers in total – 3452839.

The trick works by playing with contrast sensitivity, which is an important measure of visual function, Mail Online reports.

It allows us to perceive the difference between objects and their backgrounds, and we use it all the time in real life – for example when driving in low light or fog.

Those with higher contrast sensitivity were more likely to be able to see all seven digits right away.


Poor contrast sensitivity can be a symptom of eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma.

It can be helpful to view the puzzle from a greater distance to allow the eye to adjust.

There are three main classes of optical illusions – and one of the types, cognitive, can tell us something about how we think.

An image designed by Gala Spins shows either a yellow butterfly – or two people talking to each other.

About 71 percent of viewers of the image see the butterfly, while 29 percent see the faces.

Bhavin Shah, optometrist at Central Vision Optics, explained why we see different things.


“Many people will see the butterfly first before focusing on the details of the faces,” he said.

“People have a fondness for human faces and are always attracted to them.

“There are parts of the brain that respond specifically to faces, so once we’ve seen it in the illusion, we’re going to tend to see that more.”

Some neuroscientists believe that we have a special relationship with faces because we have regions in the brain specifically dedicated to processing them.

Meanwhile, another optical illusion has left viewers stunned as circles seem to disappear before their eyes.

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A “simple but brilliant illusion” has left viewers perplexed as they can’t guess what’s behind the image.

And this hollow mask illusion can tell a lot about how your brain is wired.

https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/5093031/optical-illusion-secret-swirl-twitter-eyesight/ A dazzling optical illusion hides a secret in a swirl

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