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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of 61st street season 1 episode 5 “Over the walls.” Franklin receives sobering news, while Moses reunites with an old acquaintance. Officer Logan gets a new position. Norma throws a barbecue to raise money for Moses’ bail. Here’s what you missed!

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Earlier on the 61st street season 1 episode 4While waiting for bail, Moses goes to prison. Brannigan opens up to Logan. After encountering evidence of police misconduct, Franklin continues to work on a defense. Joshua makes a discovery.

Warning… spoilers below!

on 61st street season 1 episode 5, Franklin comes home to find cops at his house, and Martha is in hysterics. David is fine in his room but scared. In prison, Someone sets fire to Moses’ cellmate.

Not guilty

Moses tells Franklin someone tried to kill him, Moses is scared. Franklin tells Moses that the prosecution offered a Plea deal of 20 years.

In court, the judge asked Moses whether or not he would accept the plea deal. Moses says no he is not guilty! Moses is taken back to prison.

Franklin is said to have multiple cancerous tumors on his tailbone and spine. It’s at an advanced stage. He has no more than 18 months to live. Martha in Franklin hold each other while they cry.

Get to know Squeeze

Franklin sees Calvin tries to buy drugs on the street and panic. Franklin needs his star witness to be clean.

Brannigan and Johnny go to a local restaurant to get money from Squeeze. Branigan tells Squeeze Johnny will do the pickups from now on.

When Johnny and Branigan come out of the restaurant, they harass some locals and start Jokes about Michael’s death. Johnny loses it and starts punching one of them.

Dante’s offer

Walk through the prison yard Moses receives several death threats. Moses is transferred. Moses is taken to Speaks, his father has filled in.

Franklin tries to talk to David about his cancer diagnosis. It doesn’t happen like Franklin overwhelmed by emotions.

Johnny hangs out with one of Michael’s kids. Dante, the nation’s leader, contacts Johnny and has a message for Branigan. The nation pays five points more than the faction. The nation wants the free pass from the bulls that the faction received.

Brannigan knows

Janet tells Martha that Josh sells drugs to pay for Moses’ defense. Janet doesn’t want people to forget that Tutu was murdered by the police.

Franklin attends the fundraiser for Moses on 61st Street Season 1 Episode 5

Franklin attends the fundraiser for Moses on 61st Street Season 1 Episode 5

Norma speaks up at the barbecue Collect money to defend Moses and rally the fellowship behind Moses.

At Michael and Jessica’s house, Branigan overhears one of Michael’s children joking and playing around Police officers carrying wires. Brannigan asks Johnny how Michael’s kids would know the term wire cup. Johnny tells Branigan that Michael died with a wire! Johnny lies and tells Branigan he spoke to management. Brannigan doesn’t buy it. Johnny tells Branigan about Dante’s offer.

Johnny and Jessica

Nicole Carter from the Upright Justice Program introduces himself to Franklin and Norma. Nicole tells Franklin that if Moses takes care of his case, she can help him.

Josh drops a huge pile of money into the collecting plate for Moses.

Johnny helps Jessica clean up after the party. Jessica tends to Johnny’s injured hand from his street fight. Johnny and Jessica are about to kiss and are interrupted by Branigan. Johnny gives Jessica the recordings by Michaels.

over the wall

Franklin finds a neighborhood shotspotter. Franklin explained it records shots in the area. Moses claims a police officer shot him. The shotspotter can prove it and so the prosecutor offered Moses a deal.

Everyone in Moses’ new block is in the nation and respects Speak and Moses. Speak tells Moses that was it Guards working with the faction who tried to kill Moses.

Franklin brings Calvin to the scene and lets Calvin finish the scene. Calvin says a police officer shot Moses at the time Moses jumped over the wall. Calvin says the cop didn’t shoot out of the wall, he shot over the wall. Franklin hits the top of the containers that make up the wall, the bullet is gone.

You’re not my father

at the debate, Martha talks to Rufus Porter (tutu) to her opponent. Martha explains that the justice system has to start over.

Franklin can’t bring himself to tell his son David that he’s dying of cancer. Speak tells Moses he should have taken the plea deal and is upset that Moses doesn’t want to call him father. Moses says Speak, he is no longer a father.

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Air date: May 8, 2022

Occupation of 61st Street

  • Courtney B.Vance as Franklin Roberts
  • Aunjanue Ellis as Martha Roberts
  • Bentley green as Joshua Johnson
  • Mark O’Brien as Johnny Logan
  • Tosin Cole as Moses Johnson
  • Get McCallany as Lieutenant Brannigan
  • Andrene Ward Hammond as Norma

guest role

  • Morocco Omari as speaking
  • Jarell Maximilian Sullivan as David Roberts
  • Emily Althaus as Nicole Carter
  • Julian Parker as Dante Blake
  • Madison Dirks as Marty Gallagher
  • Jerod Haynes as Big Phil
  • Jamie Neumann as Nina Motherwell

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