5Cloudhost Review

5Cloudhost Review

5Cloudhost Review

If you already have an archive – And it’s a blog, a sales page, a landing page or an ecom site, you have to have a solid foundation to build your business.

Most marketers choose their first webhost without any real understanding of what’s important, let alone what it might cost if you choose it wrong and it’s all wrong. .

Imagine having your website run to the stage where it brings in hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day and then surely happens …

Your website is hacked or your server has a problem and you don’t have a backup, there’s no way to recover what you’ve lost and get your site backed up and running!

The cost of lost revenue alone is scary, then affects your reputation, from existing customers, potential new customers (now lost) and even your rankings in Google!

Why even accept that risk in the first place?

Your business, your peace of mind, and your bottom line need a fast, secure, and scalable web server.

A webhost, who understands how important Daily Backup is, so they include them as standard, not as an additional upgrade.

Right now you can get exactly that, AND you can lock in 5 years of storage for less than the usual cost of just one, no monthly fees!

Keep reading my review today to learn more about it

What is 5CloudHost?

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer or an online store owner, anyone who does something online needs Web Hosting. Because visitors hate waiting and site speed is also a search engine ranking factor, hosting needs to be very fast!

5Cloudhost provides 5 years of Blowing-Webhosting for less than one price. During our launch, your buyer could get five years of premium storage for just 2 cents a day!

If you are tired of having to pay huge monthly fees for a slow webhosting? With 5 years of fast web hosting with a fraction of the money you pay for your current hosting in just 1 year.

You can deploy your website on this fast, easy to use, secure, and extremely reliable cloud platform along with enterprise servers, powered by cPanel.

About The Author

Matt Garret

5Cloudhost was brought to you by Matt Garret and his two colleagues Catalin Draga and Daniel Draga. On the internet, Matt Garret is a reputable online marketer in the industry. Thanks to the broad vision, his products can greatly assist digital marketers in running their campaigns smoothly.

Some of the most notable products that have been released before and that have generated over millions of dollars in online software sales are: Blog Defender 2020, Video Press V3 Converter, Smart Links, Final Content Plugin

Keep reading my 5Cloudhost review, you will know why it is no exception. Please scroll down and check out the detailed features of this product to find out if this product is right for you.

The Service Pack of 5Cloudhost

Like many other hosting providers. 5Cloudhost provides you with 3 service packages and 2 regions, USA and Europe to choose from.

5Cloudhost Price

5Cloudhost Price

Cloud Starter – Low traffic personal site

  • 1 Hosted Domain
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources (LVE):
  • 50% CPU (~ 1.4Ghz)
  • 512MB RAM
  • 20 Entry Processes
  • Shared IP Address

Cloud Business – Medium traffic business sites

  • 10 Hosted Domains
  • 15 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources (LVE):
  • 100% CPU (~ 2.8Ghz)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 50 Entry Processes
  • Shared IP Address

Cloud Enterprise – High traffic corporate sites

  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • Dallas, TX Datacenter
  • Dedicated resources (LVE):
  • 200% CPU (~ 5.6Ghz)
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 100 Entry Processes
  • Dedicated IP Address

All packages include:

  • Daily backup
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Firewalls & WAF
  • Protection against viruses and malware
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited subdomain
  • Unlimited DB DB
  • 1-click CDN (Cloudflare)
  • 1-click application installation (Softaculous)
  • Many PHP versions
  • Provided by cPanel®

Why is 5CloudHost Good?

  • High Performance Hardware

Our powerful servers with 40-core Intel XEON CPU and 128 GB RAM, RAID-protected SSD storage, connected to the internet at 10Gbps will help speed up your website.

  • Full Redundant Cloud

Our state-of-the-art 1Tbps Network and Cloud infrastructure along with CloudFlare’s CDN will keep your website online and will download it instantly from anywhere in the world.

  • Safety Infrastructure

Besides the fact that all data centers are Level 3 certified, each server has a firewall, waf, anti-malware and anti-virus scanner, and we carry out bakery packages days for each account.

  • Instant Activation

Your ordered product will be activated automatically and immediately as long as you are using a verified PayPal account for your purchase.

  • Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 24/7 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

  • Powerful Automation

Stop doing manual work. With us, you can set up your website, create an email address and go online in minutes, with just a few clicks.

Why should you get 5Cloudhost?

5CloudHost provides extremely fast download speeds for your website

  • 5Cloudhost has powerful servers with 40 Intel Xeon CPU cores, 128GB ram, SSD protected storage and 10Gbps internet connection.
  • 5Cloudhost has a custom web server configuration provided by Apache with PHP7.3, mod_http2, php-fpm, mod_lsapi, opcache and MariaDB for Mysql Database, which will make any website open instantly. .
  • 5Cloudhost is CloudFlare’s Optimized partner, so you can activate Cloudflare’s CDN from your cPanel account with just 1 click. CloudFlare makes every website as fast and secure as the Internet giants.
  • 5Cloudhost uses a raid protected storage only for SSDs, this will improve the server’s fault tolerance and read / write speed (especially MySQL) and therefore your website will load quickly. at least 10 times more.

More than 450 web applications with one-click installation

Your wordpress website is just a click away. There are also more than 450 other famous web applications. However, we guarantee that not only will these applications work with our storage, but even if you have a custom application.

5Cloudhost Software

If your web application doesn’t work, they will pay you back!

Best Hosting Tool

They have the best software and tools available on the market.

  • Easy-to-use control panel

cPanel is the most popular web-based dashboard to help you easily manage your website. It has automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website.

  • Cloudflare Plugin

CloudFlare makes every website as fast and secure as the Internet giants. Just look for the CloudFlare icon, choose the domain name you want to enable and click on the orange cloud. That’s it!

  • CloudLinux operating system

Each tenant is isolated in their own lightweight virtualization environment and has its own dedicated resource. In addition, this helps prevent abusive customers from affecting your performance.

  • Free website migration

They eliminate downtime worries because one of 5CloudHost’s immigration experts will take care of you during the entire process, absolutely FREE. This is what we do every day! If you have Cpanel on your current hosting provider and you can provide a full backup file, we can quickly move your full cpanel account, including website files , databases, email accounts, etc.

5Cloudhost Pros:

It offers you high quality storage products and unremarkable prices. There are no expensive monthly fees or low-cost services if you don’t have a lot of time to make money.

The support teаm keeps the regular storage

The results of this product have been proven in life.

This group is for users, so they will ask frequently asked questions when you are worried

Many different users to choose from

30 dollars for you

5Cloudhost Cons:

Χ You have no choice but to buy the five-person service.

Frequently Asked Questions

[+] What happened in 5 years?

After 5 years, we’ll offer you an extended invoice with precisely the same price you pay today. Your storage rack is about in stone.

We won’t capture your payment information today and reserve it so we will surprise you with automatic mastercard charges once you didn’t expect. you’ll be issued an entire storage invoice and have 30 days to pay with none sneaky deposit tactics.

How are you able to provide 5 years of storage for this price?

We host tens of thousands of internet sites . we all know the quantity of resources that a mean customer will use and that we guarantee that we’ve the infrastructure and staff to handle quite that.

This means we are paying our employees and data centers no matter whether we use all available resources or not. that gives us with additional resources that we will provide you with at a significant discount.

[+] Can 5Cloudhost handle any website?

5Cloudhost isn’t for patrons who should use VPS or dedicated server. To be honest, if you’ve got quite 20 WordPress sites with in-depth plugins and tasks scheduled every 2 minutes or constantly scratching many websites, this service isn’t for you. Our service to our customers won’t abuse resources. Please support and attend buy VPS. We use CloudLinux to isolate our shared hosting accounts to stop this abuse from slowing down our servers.

[+] Why should I trust 5Cloudhost?

Our parent company has been providing web hosting services since 2012, under different brands and corporations . We aren’t new this and this is often not our hobby, It’s what we do for a living!

We all know what proportion it costs us to supply superior service with great support to our customers and that we make an inexpensive profit to make sure we will still provide this service. .

[+] Where is your server located?

Our Cloud creation servers are located in many data centers within the us (Miami, FL and Dallas, TX) and Europe (Manchester / UK, Frankfurt / DE, The Hague / NL and Bucharest / RO ).

Hosting accounts for this promotion are going to be offered in Dallas or Bucharest, you ought to choose the situation closer to your customers.

[+] Do you allow Non-archived files to be stored online?

No. 5Cloudhost isn’t for patrons who are trying to find online storage. Our host is supposed to host sites . you’ll have many room for all of your websites, but, it is vital that you simply use that space and just for files that are directly associated with your online presence. Please don’t copy files reception , other websites or multiple copies of your site and database on our servers, we’ve provided daily backups for the location . the online is hosted with us.

5Cloudhost – Conclusion

5Cloudhost seems to be a promising hosting service provider. These services are cheap compared to other providers without compromising on quality or functionality. If you want to start your website and search for a host or your site currently doesn’t have high traffic, this might be your last place. You can save tons of your money by choosing 5cloudhost.

That is all in this article. I hope you enjoyed this article on 5Cloudhost Review. Do not forget to share it together with your friends. If you’ve got any questions or doubts, please allow us to know within the comment section below.

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