5 Movies to Get You Hyped for Summer

Folks, it is never too early for a bit of summer lovin’ and we are all here for it. Summer break is around the corner and that means, you will have plenty of time on your hand to watch movies that will give you all the feels for summer. Stream these films on Netflix or catch them on your cable TV by simply subscribing to both of these services offered by Spectrum and have a lit summer break because this telecom company does not bound you to any contracts or place data caps.

With that being said, it is already understood that we are all a bit antsy about the warm weather. And for that, we know that you probably want to find some entertainment to fill your days and nights with. Thank goodness Hollywood has some great titles for us to watch.

We have curated a list of some of the great movies that are going to get you hyped up for summers while serving good content. So, sit tight and relax because we are about to walk you through all these flicks that will make hitting the stop button a bit challenging.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

This film gets you right in the feels every time you watch it. It is a perfect family holiday movie, which by the way, you can either watch with your whole family or on your own. Whichever way you want, this wholesome masterpiece is worth rewatching every year.

A family decides to embark on a journey across the country to get their daughter to the beauty pageant she participated in. But they don’t know what the journey has in store for them. The film will make you cry, smile, and laugh and at the end, you will be feeling all the emotions.

Famous Quote: “Losers are people who are so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try.”

Mamma Mia! (2008)

How can we even create a list of summer movies and not include this classic? This musical romantic comedy has everything to offer from a stellar cast to mouth-watering locations to some of the best songs in cinematic history. Without Mamma Mia! our list would have been incomplete.

Sophie is about to get married to the love of her life and as she is busy preparing for it with her family, she secretly invites three men, who had been her mother’s exes in the past. She hopes that she would be able to find out who her father is out of these men. Will Sophie’s father walk her down the aisle? Or the movie is going to take an entirely different turn?

Famous Quote: “The best things in life, the very best things happen unexpectedly.”

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Moonrise Kingdom is an American coming-of-age comedy-drama film that introduces us to a super sweet storyline about young love that is told in a very unique style by Anderson. It is quirky, enjoyable and we must add, an extremely touching film you can watch during your summer break.

A twelve-year-old orphan Sam falls in love with Suzy and the two run away to a cove on an island, which is far away from where they live. This makes the whole town go in search of them while the two kids. The movie is shot in a very unique style of primary colors, that is intended to make you, as a viewer, recognize elements of the characters.

Famous Quote: “I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The Parent Trap (1998)

This Lindsay Lohan classic is something we can watch hundreds of times and still not get bored of it. It gets you hyped for summer like no other film. Based on the novel called Lottie and Lisa written by Erich Kästner, The Parent Trap tells a very beautiful story of family, love, friendship, and values.

Hallie and Annie are identical twins but they get separated early on after their parents get a divorce. Years down the line, they both run into each other at a summer camp and decide to take each other’s places when they go back home, in hopes of reuniting their parents.

Famous Quote: “Let me see… I know how to fence and you don’t? Or, I have class and you don’t? Take your pick.”

Aquamarine (2006)

Okay, we have got to put it out there, Aquamarine is our guilty pleasure summer movie and if you have not watched it yet, then don’t wait any longer. Trust us, it is so good, you will be thanking us. The movie is a perfect blend of bittersweet vibes of summer.

When a mermaid finds herself stranded on a beach, she immediately falls for the charming lifeguard. However, she makes friends with the two local girls, who are going through problems of their own. The mermaid asks them to help her to win the heart of the lifeguard in exchange for making their wish come true.

Famous Quote: “Who needs Raymond? I found two new men to love… their names are Ben and Jerry!”

To Sum Up

Well, there you go, these movies are known to spread their magic and get you right in the feels for summer. So, don’t wait any longer and stream these iconic films today.

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