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Search Engine Marketing

New research from SEMPO sheds light on what's happening in the search marketing industry today, from the size of the industry to key trends that will shape the year ahead.

The SEMPO sponsored survey was conducted by Radar Research, LLC and Intellisurvey, and drew 553 respondents. This is the second annual industry-wide survey; last year's 2004 State of the Search Marketing Industrywas released a little more than a year ago. The report had both predictable findings and a few surprises. According to the study, the U.S. and Canadian SEM industry has grown from $4 billion to $5.75 billion, with paid placement accounting for 83% of the total spend. Despite its demonstrated effectiveness and the amount of time and energy search marketers spend discussing organic search engine optimization techniques, SEO accounted for just 11% of overall spending, or $643 million.

Paid inclusion, the controversial practiceonly offered by Yahoo, drew just 4% of overall spending, or $246 million.

And the market for SEM technologies, including leasing, agency solutions and in-house development, is growing, but still made up less than 2% of overall spending, or $90 million.

The SEMPO study says that the search marketing industry will grow to $11 billion by 2010 in North America.

SEMPO's numbers are significantly lower than those recently put out by Wall Street research analysts. For example, last week Piper Jaffray's Safa Rashtchy said that the paid search market alone in 2005 generated an estimated $10 billion globally in 2005, is expected to grow 41 percent in 2006, to more than $14 billion.


Keyword management has progressed over time to become complicated, and time consuming. InterNetCloning.com is proud to offer our Flat-Rate search engine placement service for businesses wishing to experience maximum exposure for their web properties. Many businesses with extensive advertising budgets spend small fortunes to maintain high search result rankings.

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Each day, millions of prospective customers utilize search engines to locate products and services. Search engines index millions of web sites and customer queries often return hundreds if not thousands of relevant listings, but only a tiny portion of companies are able to maintain a prominent ranking.

Traffic Sources!

Google, Yahoo, Msn, AOL

The four sources of traffic listed above account for over 97% of all searches performed on the net.

Do you know where your web site ranks?

InterNetCloning.com guarantees a placement within the first three listings for search results on the popular search engine. Being at the top dramatically increases the number of pre-qualified customers that go to your site, putting your products in the hands of the people that want them.Search engine ranking is the key to successful ecommerce among the many web sites competing on the internet today. Rather than having to play the keyword guessing game, InterNetCloning.com removes the burden and delivers the results that matter. Our unique approach and customized packages put you at the top, and keep you there.

Search Engine Breakdown:

Search Engine Review by comScore, November 2004
Search Engine
Brand or Channel
Share of
Searches Per
Searcher (Mthly)
Searches Per
Searcher (Visit)
Ad Outsource
Search Provider
Google Sites
43.8% 25.3 3.3 Google Google
Yahoo! Sites
25.3% 15.2 2.6 Overture Google,
MSN Sites
13.5% 9.0 2.2 LookSmart,
AOL/Time Warner
8.8% 15.0 2.2 Google Google
Ask Jeeves
3.0% 9.2 3.4 Google,
Ask Jeeves
AltaVista Network
2.9% 11.8 3.4 LookSmart,
InfoSpace Network
1.2% 6.3 2.1 LookSmart,
Meta Engine
Terra Lycos
0.5% 3.7 1.7 Overture Alltheweb/FAST
All The Web
0.5%\ 13.3 3.9 Overture FAST
CNET Networks
0.2% 4.5 2.1 Overture,
Ask Jeeves


The Importance of Search Engines and Search Engine Marketing

The search engines currently account for over 85% of all new visitors to a website (GVU Users Survey). You have probably read this fact before, but what you may not know is that 33% of all search engine users believe that the top positioned website is the number one brand in that industry (Voter.com). In fact, in our own studies it has been shown that over 60% of search engine users would rather switch to a different search engine than browse beyond the first 10 positions.

Search engine marketing is not only effective, but the Cost Per Lead is lower than many other forms of marketing. Compared to direct mail, acquiring a customer through search engine marketing is 35 times less expensive, With this kind of knowledge, web site owners now have the power to ensure that their business is successful and for the first time,  they have the means to legitimately achieve success. Our expertise in keyword ranking and search engine marketing will ensure that any business owner can enjoy top positioning on search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and a lot more.

Research proves that Pay-For-Performance™ search listings
deliver bottom line results.

Jupiter Media Metrix, a leading research and analysis company, recently conducted two studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Yahoo! Search Marketing's Pay-For-Performance™ search model.

"Jupiter believes the paid search model succeeds precisely because consumers find relevant listings, advertisers only pay for qualified traffic, and the interests of the publisher are allied with both of those constituencies."

Jupiter published analysis on the following topics:

    1. How Consumers Search for Products Online
      "Paid search placement...has proved itself one of the more successful online advertising models, capitalizing on the alignment of consumer need and advertiser interest."


    1. Advertisers' Overall Satisfaction
      Online advertisers have a significantly higher level of satisfaction with search listings than with any other online advertising method they have used or are currently using.


  1. Search Listings Outperform Banner Ads and Tiles.
    A study conducted in January 2001 by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, banner ads and tiles across a variety of sites (both branded and unbranded) to determine which was most effective. In every situation, search listings came out on top.
    NPD published analysis on the following topics:


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Information compiled from Jupiter Media Metrix: Paid Search Engine Placement, July 2001 and Online Advertising Effectiveness Study, August 2001

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