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Google Adwords Management

Why do I need a Google Adwords Management team to manage my Adwords account? 
This is perhaps one of the most common questions asked by consumers when it comes to online marketing. However, the answer to this question, as easy as it may seem at first can be very technically complex for the average consumer. Therefore, let us attempt to answer this inquiry by referring to a few similar questions: 

Why do I need a stock broker when I want to buystocks?
Why do I need an accountant when filing my income taxes?
Why do I need to consult a lawyer for legal matters?
Why do I need a physician for medical issues?

Your Google Adwords Management team plays the same role as these professionals when dealing with your online Google Adwords Management; because just like these professionals there is a science involved with marketing, especially online marketing such as Google Adwords Management. 
Bear in mind that we used the word management in conjunction with Google Adwords (Google Adwords Management) in order to emphasize that simply having an Adwords account does not necessarily suffice to ensure exposure for yourself or your company. Your Adwords account would need direct and constant supervision by someone who knows what they are doing. Therefore, by simply increasing your daily or monthly budget you aren’t guaranteed to get your moneys worth, for the same reason that buying lots of stocks does not increase one’s chances of a return on ones investment, especially if the true value of that stock being purchased is unknown. Therefore, don’t throw your money away on keywords without consulting with a Google Adwords Management Specialist for the same reason you don’t simply buy any stocks in the stock exchange. Moreover, most people who have been successful in stocks don’t purchase based on popularity or suggestions, but take other factors such budget, long term and short term expectations, goals, and other such factors into consideration. Factors that a stock broker takes into account before investing your money parallel to the factors your Google Adwords Management Specialist accounts for when buying and bidding on specific and targeted keywords. 
In regards to our four aforementioned questions, one does not need a stock broker, an accountant, a lawyer, or even a physician in a concrete sense of the word – need. However, the fact remains that when these professionals work for us we assure and give ourselves a sense of wellbeing and security, especially if we trust them. Otherwise, we could simply file our own taxes, go to court without consulting or hiring an attorney; but how successful will we be is the question that prevents most of us from doing our own taxes or going to court by ourselves. 

The information on the “how” and “what” for online marketing or Adwords Management is not privileged, nor is it a closely guarded secret, no more than the trade of medicine is. For example, the textbooks your doctor used to graduate from medical school is available at most public libraries. However, it is not by reading a few textbooks that one becomes a physician, in the same respect learning the science of Google Adwords Management is not done by simply reading a few articles on the subject. 
In short, when we wonder why our completion is doing better in their online marketing, we should consider that perhaps they approach this aspect of their life with the same mindset as all the others. In turn this gives them an advantage when it comes to online Google Adwords Management.