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As many of you know, Adwords is Google’s Pay Per Click advertising service and Google Adwords is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your website noticed NOWand start driving targeted traffic to your website. Managed properly, a Google Adwords campaign can instantly get your site on the crucial first page of search results for keywords and phrases that your target audience uses to find your goods and services online. Very few web users look beyond the first page of search results and if your site isn’t featured prominently on the top half of the first page, your site is not getting noticed!

Google Adwords levels the playing field like no other form of Internet marketing and allows businesses of all sizes to out-compete the Fortune 500 companies. To illustrate this point, consider your own search habits. When you’re looking for goods and services, you’re much more likely to click on the first several links on the page as they have the best chance of providing the information that you want. That’s instant credibility with you and if your site appears there, that’s instant credibility with the very people that you are trying to reach online!

Google Adwords listings appear just above and to the right of the natural search engine results. Placement is determined by a number of factors including how much you are willing to pay for each time that someone clicks on your ad when specific keyword phrases are entered into the search field.

Highest Page Position = Most Page Impressions = Higher Volume of Targeted Traffic to Your Site = Fantastic Return on your Investment!

However, Google Adwords management that achieves the best results and maximizes your return on investment requires a great deal more finesse than simply outbidding every other competitor. There’s a science to the process and it is critically important that your Adwords campaign is managed by a specialist so that you achieve the greatest exposure and benefit for your investment.

Dr. Julian has been a Google Adwords specialist for years and his lengthy list of satisfied clients is the best example of his expertise, research skills, and Adwords campaign management acumen. His experience helping a wide range of clients achieve online success can be the catalyst for your own online success story and you owe it to yourself and your bottom line to have Dr. Julian craft a Google Adwords strategy for you!

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You determine how much you want to spend and Dr. Julian takes care of the rest! Have an Adwords specialist monitor your Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaign and see tangible results NOW! No set-up fees, no click fraud, no PPC management on your part, and guaranteed results!

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